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To attend APCERT in India, interested applicants may visit and click on “Regular Visa Application” Tab in (Red). Please select the Visa Type as Conference Visa after filling all relevant details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visa Applications

This information is based on our current knowledge of visa requirements and the application process. We will update it as and when we receive new information from the Government of India.

APCERT's role in the visa application process is to share information as we receive it, and to assist you by getting answers to your questions. However, all policies and decisions regarding visas are those of the Government of India alone.

If you have a question that you don't find here, email our help desk:

Q 1: Do I need a Conference visa to attend APCERT Conference?

Most foreign nationals attending APCERT 2017 will need a valid Conference visa. To find out if you need a visa, check the Government of India's Ministry of External Affairs website or contact your local Indian diplomatic mission.

Q 2: Who is eligible for a Conference visa?

You must meet all of these conditions:

  • You are a foreign national who is required to obtain a Conference visa
  • The sole purpose for your visit is to attend a conference, seminar or workshop
  • You hold a valid passport and a re-entry permit (if required by your country of nationality)
  • You are not prohibited from entering and staying in India for any reason
  • You have the financial resources for the entire trip, demonstrated by having a return ticket and enough spending money

Q 3: Are the visa application process and timeline the same for every country?

The application process and timeline may vary from country to country. We recommend that you verify them with your local Indian diplomatic mission.

Q 4: What is the duration of a Conference visa?

A Conference visa covers the duration of the conference plus travel time.

Q 5: Can I use my existing Business visa instead of applying for a Conference visa?

We advise you to apply for a Conference visa even if you hold a valid Business visa.

Q 6: Can I use my existing Tourist visa instead of applying for a Conference visa?

No, a Tourist visa is not valid for APCERT Conference. You must apply for a Conference visa.

Q 7: Can I use a Conference visa to tour India before or after APCERT Conference?

Please use your discretion on how you wish to spend your time in India before or after attending APCERT Conference. It is recommended that you check with the local Indian mission if you wish to travel early or extend your stay and combine tourism or work with APCERT.

Q 8: My embassy is requesting additional documentation for my application. Who can help me?

Clearance letters are hosted on website. But if your embassy requests additional documentation, contact our help desk: