APCERT Annual General Meeting & Conference 2017

Building Trust in Digital Economy

Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (APCERT) is a regional community for Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) located in the Asia Pacific region.


Currently, APCERT consists of 30 Operational Members from 21 economies and 3 Supporting Members.

This is the 15th Annual Conference since its establishment in 2003. CERT-In is privileged to host the conference in New Delhi for the first time in India as well as South Asia. CERT-In welcomes the members and guests in November 2017 to New Delhi acclaimed for being the federal as well as cultural capital of India (some dating to over 5000 years old), a culmination of 7 cities built by different emperors and provides a variety of mouth watering cuisine ranging from Mugalai, Punjabi, South Indian, Gujarati, Rajastani to almost all International food.

Theme Rationale

Owing to the numerous benefits brought about by technological advancements, the cyberspace today is a common pool used by citizens, businesses, critical information infrastructure, military and governments, thereby necessitating the need for a secure, resilient and trusted cyber space.
To achieve the necessary trust in cyber space there is a need for creating appropriate models for collaboration and engagement with all relevant stake holders so as to enhance cooperation while facilitating efforts in detection, recovery and resilience of systems/devices at technical and operational levels.
CSIRTs and CERTs play vital role at the technical and operational level in responding to cyber security incidents and work closely with various organisation to protect their digital assets by proactively alerting on emerging threats and suggest remedial measures thereby continuing to build trust in cyber space.
APCERT 2017 conference aims at providing platform for Government, CERTs/CSIRTs, Industry and Academia to share the latest developments in technologies and processes for securing ICS, IoT, Mobile and Social Media for building trust in Digital economy.